Support for cluster development in Bulgaria

Project №BG161PO003-2.4.02-0037

UEstablishing an organizational structure, information environment for business cooperation, and a sustainable development strategy to increase efficiency, competitiveness and internationalization of „HITS Cluster”

The overall project objective is to increase the competitiveness of the member firms of the Cluster, and exploit opportunities for synergies between them by building an organizational structure, information environment for business cooperation, and enhancing the presence of the products and services provided by the cluster on the international market. In addition, the project will significantly increase the management capacity of the cluster to recruit new members and last but not least, will encourage investment by member firms in advanced technologies.

Specifically, these goals will be accomplished through following the specific objectives, set in the project:

1. Increasing the management capacity of the cluster - the employment of full-time or part-time team members, who will be involved in and responsible for the development of the cluster, and the successful implementation of individual projects, which will lead to a more efficient organization and coordination of cluster activity, and enable effective cooperation between member companies within the cluster;

2. Developing Cluster strategies - to ensure sustainable growth and promotion of products and services offered by HITS cluster and its member companies in the medium- and long term, the project includes the development of strategies by experts in the field of software innovation and market research and analysis;

3. Attracting new members - another goal of the administrative team engaged in the project is attracting new cluster members nationally, regionally, and worldwide;

4. Creating an environment for business cooperation - within the objectives set at the outset of the establishment of the cluster HITS, present and build a common information environment through the integration of various products and services of the members within a single platform for information exchange that in the case of modern IT technology involves the creation of a database and a set of protocols establishing ways of cooperation between the products of the companies;

5. Creating connections with other clusters - the project will stimulate significant initiatives to establish an international network of contacts in the field of IT technology and related products and services through the organization of meetings with representatives of cluster associations.