United Software Writers Ltd. (USW Ltd)

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United Software Writers Ltd. (USW Ltd) has been founded in 1990 by three partners with a rich experience in the field of the system for automation, gained due to their work in Institute for Industrial Cybernetics and Robotics by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. USW Ltd. works over significant projects connected with the automation of large structures like “Bilyana Triko” - Petrich, Mines “Maritza-Iztok”, BIMAK - Chelopech, different holding structures as well as small companies working in the sphere of the trade, services etc. The company accumulates considerable experience in the mastering of complex management technologies and the building of adequate means of their automation. Internal company technologies of work guaranteeing the high quality of the consultancy and the program products, distributed by USW Ltd, are created and assimilated. USW Ltd. creates the program system DOCMAN©2.0 and imposes it as a leading product in projects concerning the automation of the administrative activity; USW Ltd. comes out to the international market, by starting the selling of the system DOCMAN©2.0 in Germany. It starts the work over the creation of the new version of the system - UPI, which is based on the newest information technologies and will give up the accumulated experience in the implementation of the previous version – DOCMAN©2.5; It develops as a separate direction an activity in the sphere of management consulting by creating a new consultant product – the Document Driven Management Model. For that purpose a new specialized company has been established. This is the company DOCMAN Engineering Ltd.


The all activity of the company has been mainly focused on the creation of products and services in the sphere of the IT, without any digressions towards other more profitable activities – such as trade, representatives of foreign companies etc.

USW Ltd. has always shown interest in projects concerning the building of large systems or the solving of specific problems, requiring a development of complex technologies with predominant elements of novelty


USW Ltd. has always led a strongly opened politics of co-operation with other IT companies, on purpose for solving of complex inter-disciplined problems.