Dantes 21


Dantes 21 is a company with history. It was established in 1988 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and since then, the company has had many projects and developments. Dantes has completed the information processing systems of telephone subscribers of former BTC in the district of Sofia, and control of national standard for temperature measurements in Bulgaria. As Web applications, the first web site of the “Duma” newspaper is also made by Dantes.


Dantes continues today both areas – high-precision measurement and control systems, and web-based applications.

For example, Dantes has integrated the website Stigni.bg with various banking systems for online payments.

We know how to organize, control, collect data, process and analyze information.


DanTES 21 is actively looking to develop partnership with both Bulgarian and foreign companies aiming to expand both areas of expertise – automation, measurement and web-application. The company seeks to establish strong relationships in trans-national large-scale Research & Development projects, new products development and commercial agreements for market expansion.