MIChO - Marketing, Information, Chance, Organization Ltd


The company MIChO - Marketing, Information, Chance, Organization Ltd. was founded 2011, with activity focused in the following areas:

  1. M arketing - products, markets , companies, trade fairs;
  2. Information - companies, products, markets, trade fairs, statistics, procurement, geographic information systems, development and implementation of management systems, databases for customers, production and logistics;
  3. Chance - finding partners, development of business and trade strategies, new services;
  4. Organization - arranging meetings with potential partners, representatives of companies participating in trade fairs, design and management of general and individual stalls, business delegations.


Based on more than 20 years of experience working in training and participation in trade fairs at home and abroad, the company is involved in fair marketing, consulting, training and organization of exhibition participation of Bulgarian and European companies at trade fairs in Bulgaria and worldwide.

Collection, processing and analysis of large amounts of information form another field of activities, which applies modern information technology.

The use of geographic information systems helps achieve new dimensions under the scope of the analysis of a structural nature and marketing in the development of routine and new projects.


The future must be created and we and our partners have to find a place there.