HITS cluster is a group of stand-alone software companies, established in March 2013.

Each company has proprietary products that are either unique or one of the country's leading in their field. All members of the cluster are based in Sofia, but have built strong distribution networks, covering more than 30 major cities in the country. Over 20 years of successful operation and growth on the Bulgarian and regional market is proof they have created successful products, strong industry ties, and efficient distribution networks. Their focus on contemporary technologies has led them to develop innovative, cloud-based products, which can have a significant impact on a larger customer and partner base.

Board Members



The firms in cluster HITS cover a wide range of information in following key technologies:

Information systems for compliance with regulatory requirements related to the daily business activities of financial accounting, employment and legal obligations, compliance with reporting obligations to the tax, social and statistical authorities (DAXY BULGARIA Ltd.)


Marketing information to find new customers and markets (DAXY BULGARIA Ltd.)


Information for commercial or customs operations and software for automation of these processes (Unisoft Ltd.)


Document management information systems (USW Ltd.)


Information, operations and administrative management systems for business automation, optimization of activities and resource allocation (STEP-SOFT Ltd.)


CRM, Invoicing, Accounting, WMS, and Billing software (STEP-SOFT Ltd.)


Development of corporate and branch strategies, new products and services. Organization of meetings with potential partners and business delegations (MIChO - Marketing, Information, Chance, Organization Ltd.)


Development and support of HR and other specialized economic software for personnel management, recruiting, and calculation of tax declarations from employment and other contractual labor relationships (OMEGASOFT Ltd.)


System administration and web development (DANTES -21)