The vision for the development of HITS, placed since its establishment for the short, medium and long term, is to create the conditions for successful implementation of joint activities and partnership between member firms in the following areas:

  1. Creation of innovative products through commercial cooperation among member firms of the cluster, for example:
    Collaborative software platform combining features of various software products and accumulated know-how in building the business systems of member firms
    XML Encoder, Decoder and Editor for the generation, transmission and editing of heterogeneous data
  2. Planned new services, using the combined know-how and qualification of the member firms, for example:
    Universal Business Systems Support - providing coordinated joint support services in diverse technology and business systems environments;
    Pre- sales consultancy - the accumulated know-how in various fields constitute grounds for promoting the general planning activities , design and selection of business systems for clients;
    Academy for Software Engineering Bulgaria establishment of an informal educational structure to organize courses and seminars providing training for staff.
  3. Consolidation of knowledge, experience and investment in joint research and development
    Participation in joint EU framework projects to form trans - national relations with partner organizations in the field of IT & Engineering.